About The Altruist

Creating the highest quality of authentic, creative, and solutions-based youth journalism designed to help youth make active change.


In a world of clickbait, paywalls, and 'fake news', The Altruist brings detailed journalism to an arid media landscape.

Unique Perspectives

With the curious and inquisitive nature of the global youth, The Altruist promotes innovation and diversity in media.

Supporting Justice

With all of the donations to our organization, we donate 50% of our monthly revenue to charities that you choose and we vet!

Our Vision

From fake news to systemic biases, today's media landscape is riddled with problems., and those issues are not only a symptom of the corporatization of media, but the lack of diversity and modernization in mainstream news media. As socially conscious and motivated youth, we found it imperative that we find the middle ground between blanket social media awareness and the banality of traditional news media.

Thus, The Altruist was founded, with the core vision of build the largest network of youth-journalists and activists; a place for people to communicate, collaborate, and genuinely make an impact through a new era of 'journalistic activism'. We aim not only to bring diverse perspectives to news media as a whole, but to unite youth under this new journalistic revolution.

“A good newspaper, I suppose, is a nation talking to itself.”

As this quote from Arthur Miller notes, the purpose of a newspaper is to act as a mirror to the society it writes of. It must intrigue, critically analyze, and challenge the beliefs and systems that exist. It must act as the voice of the people, divorced from political bias, and always probing and fighting. This progressive and vivacious 'fourth estate' must represent the future, not the past, and must, at all times, be of, by, and for the people.